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Meet Danika
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I’ve fought fires and wrestled alligators:

I have what it takes to represent YOU in Tallahassee.

My name is Danika Fornear and I’m running for Florida State House District 79. As a low-income woman of color and a single mother, I have first hand experience navigating a broken system. The chaos and uncertainty surrounding our food stamps, unemployment system, and healthcare is unacceptable.

If elected, I will fight to end food insecurity, for safe and healthy schools, quality education,  good jobs that pay a living wage, accessible  mental health care and addiction services,  improved access to rural hospitals, clean water, criminal justice reform, and a better quality of life for ALL OF US. I will advocate for the legalization of cannabis in order to provide economic stability and funding for state programs

without having to raise taxes.


You will be as welcome in my office as you are in your own home, as you should be, because I believe serving in office is a privilege, not a right, and not a career. I promise to listen to my constituents, and work with them to enact viable solutions to the issues we face.


This is America - we can and must do better.

 - Danika Fornear,

Democratic Candidate for House District 79

The Issues
Why am I running?

On the Issues

Our Economy, Our Future

A Fair and Inclusive Society: Living Wages & Sustainable Growth

Small businesses are the backbone of our tourist economy and what makes Southwest Florida such a unique place to live. As a long time, small scale farmer, I have spent many years helping to lift up and educate entrepreneurs in successful sales of their product to market. 


When we are unable to work - for example, when the Covid-19 pandemic caused mass layoffs in SWFL - we need access to a functioning unemployment system to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I pledge to work with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to help our unemployment system run smoothly. I will work towards a future of overall economic prosperity, where we create opportunities for all members of society to earn living wages.


Health Care is a Human Right

We all deserve affordable health insurance and an American standard of care.

I support expanding access to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. The consequences of being uninsured are significant. Uninsured patients often do not receive proper medical care, and are up to four times more likely than insured patients to require hospitalizations and emergency care. 


Healthcare sustains us and should be affordable and accessible for everyone — where they need it, when they need it, no exceptions and no interruptions. I am determined to introduce and support legislative proposals that preserve and expand access and affordability within our healthcare system.

I support a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions.


Think Green, Vote Blue

Environmental rights are human rights!

We must take swift steps towards combating climate change, building a clean energy economy, and securing environmental justice for our community. 


I am a lifelong environmental educator. As the former Resource Naturalist at Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium in Fort Myers, and the Executive Director of Shell Factory Nature Park in North Fort Myers, I rescued illegally owned native and exotic wildlife from neglectful and abusive situations to rehabilitate them “Animal Ambassadors”. I also built numerous educational exhibits that you can still see today! More recently, I volunteer as the Executive Director of an adventure-based science and arts camp for underprivileged youth, where we focus on water quality and conservation along the Caloosahatchee and its watershed. I am also the Secretary of the Hendry Democratic Environmental Caucus, and a Calusa Waterkeeper Ranger and Non-tidal Caloosahatchee Zone Leader with the Calusa Waterkeepers.


The protection of the Caloosahatchee River & Estuary, Lake Okeechobee, Nicodemus Slough, Charlotte Harbor, Estero Bay, the near-shore waters of Lee County, and their watersheds, is crucial. I am determined to discover and help implement new strategies for reducing nutrient flow into Florida waters and to hold polluters accountable.

Join us for Water Quality Wednesday!

Each Wednesday, Danika goes LIVE on Facebook to test our local water quality!

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Voting Rights


As a community leader, I have been working to inspire and engage citizens to register and vote, and have continued to combat the many barriers that alienate or discourage voters.

I strongly encourage voting by mail - especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I strongly support automatic voter registration. I support 2018's Amendment 4, giving returning citizens their legal right to vote and oppose any form of a "Poll Tax."



Florida’s students deserve access to high-quality education. Florida’s teachers and support staff deserve to be fairly compensated for the work they do to prepare our students for success. I support increased funding for our public schools, access to high-quality early childhood education, and programs that prepare students for college, technical and trade schools.


Support Our Veterans


My father is a retired Air Force Captain and Vietnam Veteran. My grandfather defended our country in WWII as a Fighting Navy SeaBee. Being raised in a military family, I have a healthy respect for the sacrifices that have been made by the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.

It is estimated there are over 2,500 homeless veterans in Florida. I’ll make it a priority to connect our returning heroes with the resources and skills training they need to succeed.

Criminal Justice


I am focused on putting an end to police brutality and reforming our criminal justice system. I hope to strengthen our youth initiatives, social services, and educational opportunities. I will also advocate for improved, more frequent, and continuing de-escalation training for law enforcement officers. 

I support the many brave law enforcement officers that uphold their oaths to protect all citizens with great bravery and sacrifice, without prejudice and discrimination.


Women’s Rights


I am a woman, daughter, sister, and, most importantly, a mother to a young daughter. I will continue to stand up for gender equality to ensure that all women and girls thrive in our community, free from violence and discrimination. Women and girls deserve equal access to quality education, employment, housing, and healthcare.

2nd Amendment


I am a 2nd Amendment Democrat - I will defend our constitutional right to bear arms. I am an avid hunter and fisherwomen and, as a survivor of severe domestic violence, I know how important personal protection is.


The epidemic of gun violence in America is tearing our families apart and I do support COMMON SENSE gun reform, including universal background checks and research into gun violence prevention.


I'm grateful to have been endorsed by the following organizations and individuals.


  • Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

  • Democratic Women's Club of Florida

  • Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida


  • Mom’s Demand Action

  • Lee County Young Democrats

  • Lee County LGBTQA+ Democratic Caucus

  • Action Together Florida

  • Women’s March Florida

  • Women's March Ft Myers

  • The Doug E Show

  • Hendry County Democratic Women’s Club

  • Lee County Democratic Women’s Club

  • Lee County Democratic Environmental Caucus 


  • Sean Shaw, former Rep for HD60 -

  • Todd Truax for Lee County Commissioner D3

  • Cindy Banyai for Congress CD19

  • Rock Aboujaoude for House HD10

  • Dr. Arthur Boyer

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Daily Kos

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the issues that I find important to the current and future generations of Floridians. I’m here to serve the people and work for you, with you. I’d love to learn about your views on the issues, hear your concerns, and answer any questions you have. Let’s have a discussion on how I can serve you better.  

– Danika Fornear 

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